Catalogue – Full Monuments

Multiple piece, full monument cemetery memorials, are generally designed for traditional cemeteries to be erected over a single burial plot.

All full monuments built by us conform with, and are installed according to, the Australian Standards specified in “AS4204-1994 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments.”

The exposed frontal surfaces all our full monuments are polished, unless a specified finish, such as natural rock or a sand blast finish is requested.

The images below show some of the designs available. Clicking on an image will take you to a page with full monument details.

Catalogue Item - full Monument HT845 full Monument HT106 full Monument HT107 full Monument HT801
HT845 HT106 HT107 HT801

Catalogue Special Full Monument HT 2011

IMPORTANT: Most catalogue items would be in stock, making it possible for us to complete the erection of a monument within a week to 10 days from the date of receiving the order.

We are conscious of the fact that many families have religiously significant 30th Day, 60th Day or 100th day ceremonies, and would like to have the monument to their loved one completed and in place as of the day of the ceremony.


Headstone and Full Monument – Khuu – SpringvalePlease check this monument completed in LESS than 15 days from date order placed to date the monument was finished.

Cemetery Monument Accessories.

We provide a range of vases, flower arrangements, and other accessories.

Porcelain Photo Plaques.

Have the favorite photograph of your loved one permanently transferred onto a porcelain plaque and placed on their memorial, making them live in the minds of future generations.

Headstone quotes, wordings and inscriptions.

We can script headstone quotes, headstone wordings and headstone inscriptions in any language from English, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Arabic, all Slovak texts, all Indian languages, all Asian languages, even Aramaic.

We can erect the above full monuments in all Victorian Cemeteries. Please contact us at:

Phone: 03 98903423
Mobile: 0418 378227

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